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Nov 16, Cristina rated it it was amazing This book was indeed a 5 stars one.

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It shows you the power of sacrifice at its highest pick, the mark of a war, of traditions, of community for families and especially women in Iran. Made me realize that things that I get for granted in my life could be so hard to achieve for others. I couldn't stop reading it.

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Truly recommend. This book was indeed a 5 stars one. I can't see why this book was banned in Iran, a book like " children of the jacaranda tree" can have such banning or " things I have been silent about " but not this book that was more of a life story than a nation story. I didn't find it good because I started reading it with different expectations than it has offered to me, I had hard time finishing it.

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I loved it while at the same time I hated it. The entire life of Massoumeh is spent with her working so hard not for her happiness but for the sake of survival and for her children's happiness.

She deserved an awful lot more than what she got. What bothers me so much and what I just can't seem to wrap my head around is the ending. After all that time, she still didn't end up with poor Saiid. Whom would've been nothing but her key to a happy and fulfilling life. This book has been etched into my mind since the 2 days ago when I first began to read it.

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Honestly, what saddens me most about this book is how Hamid failed to realize the importance of family and his duty s not only a father, but a husband as well. The second thing that makes me swell with sadness is how Massoum never ended up with Saiid. Lastly, I loved the character development of Massoumeh.

Cel care mă așteaptă

Her self sacrifice was painful to bear, I also loved her lifetime friendship with Parvaneh. Exceptional book with many heartbreaks, however, this is how life works. Our destiny is written the day we are born and I guess there's nothing for us to do about that fact except to endure our hardships to the best of our ability and enjoy with all our might the goodtimes we are given.

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Massoumeh is definitely one of my most favorite characters. I just truly wish she had ended up with Saiid, that woman deserved some self happiness in her last few years.

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Complex and easy to name it intense, the story will belif true anti-aging essence review you read it in one go. I was passing through lots of emotions during each page turn so I totally recommend it to anyone.

The author, Parinoush Saniee, is subtle when it comes to revealing painful facts about Iran. The Book of Fate should be in all belif true anti-aging essence review Educational, inspirational and a great lecture even for the picky ones, The Book of Fate will go straight to your heart.

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This book truly represented motherhood and sacrifice to me. Also, it makes you realize that many of the things you have taken for granted are so precious for someones. I didn't expect to be such a life-changing book. You discover that for every decision you make you must look for others opinion. Just something you can't describe in words.

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If I were to draw a painting, I would draw birds because they are free but they can't reach the univers There are no words to describe this book. If I were to draw a painting, I would draw birds because they are free but they can't reach the universe. It's not a book for boys but it's belif true anti-aging essence review book for strong and determined women and I just can't find my words to describe this amazing Can't call it book.

It's a masterpiece.

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